We merge the finest quality of Pashmina with the World of Tailoring, offering the highest standards of craftmanship and timeless design.

Every scarf is carefully waved in the faraway land known as Kashmir Valley where the local artisans transform the raw Cashmere wool into fine yarns.The wool is harvested only once a year, between June and July, either by shearing or by combing. This cashmere variety of wool is considered to be the ‘world’s finest cashmere. The fiber thickness measures no more than 12-15 microns.

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William Simpson-Pashmina Weavers. An important developmental era for the kashmiri pashmina is when it reached the shores of Europe in the 18th century. Napoleon Bonaparte coming back to France got his hands on the shahtoosh or Kani shawls and presented them to his wife, Josephine. She is said to have in her possession hundreds of rare kashmiri shawls that she adorned.

The Illustrious History Of Pashmina

Aptly named the fiber of kings, pashmina has a long and prestigious history that spans over four centuries. The talented artisans of Kashmir and Nepal have been weaving the magnificently soft wool into shawls and blankets since the 15th century, rightly earning a reputation as some of the most skilled weavers on the planet.


The fruits of their labor were once reserved for royalty only, but now pashmina is available to all admirers of luxury fashion. Find out how the world’s most exclusive shawls made their way from the rugged valleys of the Himalayas to the shelves of global luxury boutiques by reading about the illustrious history of pashmina below!

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Preserving Pashmina

Pashmina, the rarest and most lavish form of cashmere wool, has been woven into the cultural and economic fabric of the Himalayan region for centuries. Known for its ultra fine texture, supreme warmth, and softness, pashmina is the epitome of luxury and elegance.
Like many centuries-old institutions, the Himalayan wool industry has undergone changes over the years. Some have been positive, such as improvements in technology and infrastructure, while others have been much less favorable. Unfortunately, many of the industry’s newfound difficulties can be traced to climate change.

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The Celebrity-Approved Accessory For Men

It’s not hard to see why a pashmina scarf is a must-have accessory for any stylish man. Not only are they luxurious and versatile, but they have also been endorsed by some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Whether you're dressing up for a formal event or adding a touch of refinement to a casual outfit, a pashmina scarf is the perfect accessory to complete your look.

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